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Ketamine Assisted psychotherapy [kap]

Ketamine is currently the only federally legal psychedelic medicine available to clinicians for the treatment of emotional suffering -- Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy [KAP] is the supervised use of Ketamine during psychotherapy sessions as a way to enhance and deepen the therapeutic process.   A growing body of clinical data supports the efficacy of KAP for "a wide variety of psychiatric diagnoses and human difficulties, significantly diminishing depression, anxiety and PTSD" [Dore et al, 2019}. KAP  allows you to temporarily soften conscious and unconscious psychological defenses that prevent you from accessing and processing core emotional wounds that are likely keeping you 'stuck'.  


Ketamine taken orally at a low-dose, paired with relational psychotherapy, provides an opportunity to verbally and non-verbally process  psychological material & childhood programming that is often at the root of depression and anxiety.  With my support and guidance throughout the session, you'll have the chance to resolve inner conflicts and better understand parts of yourself that have been overly protected or dissociated, developing more self-trust, alertness and personal sovereignty in the process. Those who sincerely engage in this work often report gaining greater perspective on their life and their relationships, shifting their awareness from a fixated mind-state to one that is more fluid and open to possibilities. A radical shift of awareness, catalyzed by this unique molecule, can break stagnant cycles of mood and mind that are limiting you from reaching your potential.

KAP sessions take place at my in-person indoor office or virtually [in the comfort of your own home]  and are scheduled for 2 hours, though some people prefer to schedule an additional hour for more immediate integration support. Though everyone metabolizes the medicine differently, the active influence of Ketamine at a low-dose [100 - 300 mg] is typically between 60 - 120 minutes. It's common for clients to schedule 'integration sessions' in between KAP, to help crystalize medicine session truths and insights. We will collaborate together to create a treatment plan for you that meets your unique needs. 


I  do not do prescribe, administer or handle Ketamine. I will refer you to my psychiatric nurse practitioner who will ultimately determine your eligibility for the treatment while informing you on recommended dosing and screening for health concerns related to consumption. 

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