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...Hold to your own truth

at the center of the image 

you were born with...

        - David Whyte



Hi there, I'm Lee. Come as you are. I will meet you there. My approach is compassionate, genuine and contemplative. My intention is to support you in connecting more deeply with yourself and your truth, so that you may navigate life's inevitable ebbs and flows with more fearlessness and grace. 

Emotional wounding, loss, trauma, and unhealthy relationships often create a sense of overwhelm, heaviness and prolonged anxiety that can feel never-ending -- over time, it's common to become increasingly detached, stagnant and feel like it's impossible to connect with others in an authentic and meaningful way. Psychotherapy provides the unique opportunity to 'get real' with 'what is', allowing you to grow and heal in ways that will benefit all of your relationships, including [most importantly] the relationship that you have with yourself. The invitation is to tune into your body, heart, psyche & spirit within the collaborative relationship that we create, to learn more about 'who you are' and 'who you are becoming'.



I enter the healing process with deep reverence and humility and I feel incredibly grateful to be able to witness others shed layers, cross personal thresholds and grow towards a greater sense of personal sovereignty and overall well-being. I like working with people who are seeking personal growth and change -- those who are willing to take emotional risks in and out of therapeutic sessions in order to deepen their process. 


My specialities include:

  • trauma / emotional wounding

  • grief & loss 

  • transitions

  • relationship issues 

  • depression / anxiety

  • identity / self-esteem

  • substance abuse 

  • somatic 

  • transpersonal 

  • integration for wilderness &  psychedelic experiences

  • ketamine assisted psychotherapy [KAP]

  • cannabis assisted psychotherapy

  • nature-based therapy 

  • rites of passage

  • adults, young adults & adolescents

  • entrepreneurs

  • athletes 

  • teachers & helping professionals

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